Auto reset chips Canon PGI-520BK, CLI-521 Pixma IP 3600, 4600, 4700

Auto reset chips Canon PGI-520BK, CLI-521 Pixma IP 3600, 4600, 4700

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Auto Reset Chips (kit) for Canon cartridges PGI-520 and CLI-521, Pixma IP 3600, IP 4600, IP 4700

In case your printer cartridge is running out of ink the chip records that and you cannot refill your cartridge without changing your chip, too. This is why we offer you these replacement chips.

 This set includes the following auto-reset chips:

1 x Article ARCCA520BK (PGI-520BK)
1 x Article ARCCA521BK (CLI-521BK)
1 x Article 
ARCCA521C (CLI-521C)
1 x Article ARCCA521M (CLI-521M)
1 x Article ARCCA521Y (CLI-521Y)

Just replace the original chip with our replacement-chip by plugging it into the same location. Now you can refill your ink cartridge as much as you want without any further need to change the chip after every refilling. The estimated operating time is 2 years. The reset starts automatically after plugging in the chip.

There is no need to change all the auto-reset chips in one step. It also works in combination with the original chips which are still in usage. Please pay attention that you do not disconnect the printer from the power supply; otherwise the level indicator may not work correctly any more. Shutting down the printer has no influence.

Is it not an original product by Canon. All trademarks, trade names or service marks are the property of their respective owners and are used for identification purposes only.

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