Canon chip resetter for cartridges PGI-525, CLI-526, IP 4850, MG 6120

Canon chip resetter for cartridges PGI-525, CLI-526, IP 4850, MG 6120

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Canon chip resetter for Canon cartridges PGI 525, CLI 526 (battery powered)

For Canon printer Pixma IP 4820, IP 4850, MG 5120, MG 5150, MG 5220, MG 5250, MG 6120, MG 6150, MG 8120, MG 8150

Reset your chips in an easy, fast and cheap way without having impact on the work of the level indicator.  

The chip´s main task is to check the ink level to generate a warning if the level goes below a certain point and gives you the opportunity to reset it to “full“ again.

The Canon chip resetter resets the following Canon cartridges:

Canon CLI-526 black & PGI-525 black
Canon CLI-526 cyan
Canon CLI-526 magenta
Canon CLI-526 yellow
Canon CLI-526 grey

Easy Handling:
By pressing the refilled cartridges against the resetter´s contacts the LED will flash briefly and the programming will start automatically. After the programming is finished the LED light will stay on.

User Manual for Canon Chip Resetter:

A User Manual is attached in German, English, French and Italian.

Your customers will be very grateful if the level indicator does work well because if the printer head runs out of ink it will get damaged.

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Canon Pixma IX 6550
Canon Pixma IP 4950
Canon Pixma MG 5350
Canon Pixma MG 5340
Canon Pixma MG 5300 Series
Canon Pixma MX 715
Canon Pixma MX 895
Canon Pixma MX 710 Series
Canon Pixma MX 890 Series
Canon Pixma MX 885
Canon Pixma MG 8200 Series
Canon Pixma MG 8240
Canon Pixma MG 6200 Series
Canon Pixma MG 8250
Canon Pixma MG 6250
Canon Pixma MG 8150
Canon Pixma MG 6150
Canon Pixma MG 5140
Canon Pixma MG 5240
Canon Pixma IP 4850
Canon Pixma MG 5250
Canon Pixma MG 5150