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On this page we collect press releases around our two companies Octopus Concept and Octopus Fluids. Some of the linked articles may be trial read only, as the full content is behind a paywall. Daily news and other media coverage can be found on our social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
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The "Sachsenspiegel" from MDR reports...

In the course of our cooperation with Mr. Ufer for his manufactory book "Die feine sächsische Art - Manufakturen in Dresden" (The fine Saxon way - manufactories in Dresden), a suitable contribution should be shot in the Sachsenspiegel. Some cutaway pictures and a short interview were needed. In the book, more than 30 manufactories from Saxony were presented, but only 1-2 of these companies could be selected for the TV contribution at prime time. Accordingly, we were very happy about the request and were of course available. Our chief chemist had prepared some exciting laboratory experiments and was available to answer questions from the interested Mr. Ufer, as well as the entire film team from MDR.
(Unfortunately, the video was only available in the media library for 7 days).

Sächsische Zeitung: "Everything runs better with ink".

Dresden's most widely read daily newspaper, issue dated Wednesday, November 10, 2021.
We are very proud of the editorial contribution in the business section of such a prominent newspaper. The entire article is available online even after the fact and is welcome to be read. As a medium-sized company from the state capital, we are very keen to cooperate as much as possible with local partners on site. So a newspaper article like this about our daily bread is of course extremely flattering. The article is well written, a clear recommendation to read!
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Four pages of content in the connoisseur magazine "Schreibkultur

The lifestyle magazine "Schreibkultur" is published quarterly with exciting topics about writing instruments, ink & more. In the winter issue from the year 2021, there was a very extensive article about our writing inks. Four pages of content covered both our company history and our product range in relation to writing inks. The whole thing was enriched with some great pictures and "Insights" from our production facilities and laboratory. Together, the mix makes for a great editorial piece that is well worth reading and of which we are proud. This issue of the magazine has made it into our collection of display items on our premises. Here is a clear reading recommendation from the entire Octopus team.

Octopus as part of the manufactures from Dresden

The second edition of the noble book "The fine Saxon way - manufactories from Dresden" has been published and this time also includes our ink production. The special focus was on writing inks as a "handmade" product. Of course, all our colors and inks are "made in Dresden". In the run-up to the article, we had a visit from the author Mr. Peter Ufer, who gave us a glimpse behind the scenes.
The book looks very high quality and offers unique insights into companies from our beautiful Saxony. Up-to-date still directly with the publishing house to receive and a mad gift or a mad own Lesewerfahrung. 128 pages cost 39.90. Click here for the book.



Economy in Saxony - Cover page

Cover page for the Octopus family
In the "Entscheidermagazin", a print edition of "sä" the front page was dedicated to us in the autumn edition 2021. In a great article it is among other things about the "discovery" of Alcohol Inks and about other "special projects", which we have implemented in the past years. With a circulation of about 30,000 copies, the magazine informs about economic news in Saxony. An elementary part are also such company portraits as now about us. We feel very honored and would like to thank our readers for the great feedback on the article.


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