General advice on refilling toner powder

  1. The instructions for refilling toner powder provided on our website may in some cases not be applicable in their entirety for starter cartridges (i.e. the cartridges comprised in the scope of delivery of your printer). The printer manufacturer often provides starter cartridges that cannot or only with great effort be refilled, for example Brother TN2000 or Samsung SCX4200.
  2. Toner powder must not be inhaled! It can be hazardous to your health in the long run. Therefore, please use a dust mask or a dust extractor when you are working with toner powder.
  3. To not touch the OPC drum with your bare hands. Contact with bare skin may cause damage.
  4. Before you fill in the new toner powder, please make sure that the residual old toner powder has been thoroughly removed from the cartridge. New toner powder often does not mix with the old powder, resulting in blotchy printouts. This is due to the different physical properties of the toner powder, which can change during the long time inside the cartridge, where it is subject to repeated heating and cooling and turbulence during each printing process.