Chip resetter for Epson plotters

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With this chip resetter for Epson large-size printer / plotter cartridges with integrated chip,... more
Product information "Chip resetter for Epson plotters"
With this chip resetter for Epson large-size printer / plotter cartridges with integrated chip, you can easily reset the filling level to "full" after refilling. Every new Epson cartridge stores the filling level on an integrated chip. The cartridge can be refilled easily, but according to the chip, the cartridge is still "empty". Our chip resetter can change that.

This chip resetter can reset the following Epson plotter cartridges to "full":

T543100, T543200, T543300, T543400, T543500
T543600 T543700, T543800, T545100, T545200
T545300, T545400, T545500, T545600, T544100
T544200, T544300, T544400, T544500, T544600
T544700, T544800, T5449011, T502011, T501011
T500011, T504011, T503011, T511011, T514011
T513011, T512011, T512011, T516011, T515011
T5, T49, T51, T54, 9100, 1011, 9011, 9200, 4011
0201, 9300 and maintenance tank C12C890071

Using the chip resetter for Epson plotter cartridges:

This chip resetter has been developed for resetting original chips.

Place the contacts of the chip on the pins of the resetter, then press them together. When the contact is established, the LED blinks red, signaling that the chip is being programmed. When the LED switches to green, the reset procedure is complete and the plotter cartridge is recognised as full by the plotter.

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