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Refill-adapter for Lexmark 32, 82

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  • RALEX82
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This refill-tool enables you to refill your Lexmark cartridge via the printhead so you don't have... more
This refill-tool enables you to refill your Lexmark cartridge via the printhead so you don't have to pierce the cartridge for the refill process.

If you refill these Canon cartridges it is quite usual, that some residual air remains in the printhead. Often this leads to the situation, that either the printer will not print at all or you get print-outs with a quality, which might not be satisfying to you.

You can avoid this by using the offered refill-tool. Put the refilled cartridge in the refill-tool and deflate the printhead by means of a syringe. The silicon-pad of this high-quality product provides for a perfect sealing, this way you can be sure to extract the remaining air completely. On the back of the refill-tool you can clip in the cartridge, for the purpose of storage or transportation.

You can minimize the error-rate of all the refilling processes completed. Therefore this refill-tool is a must-have for professional refillers.

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