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Teslanol Cleaner Kit

Teslanol Cleaner Kit
32.99€ *
Content: 1 Liter

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Content: Teslanol Drum Cleaner, Teslanol Spray for Print Heads, Teslanol Spray to clean Laser... more
Content: Teslanol Drum Cleaner, Teslanol Spray for Print Heads, Teslanol Spray to clean Laser Toner Cartridges

Teslanol HWS Drum Cleaner

Content of the bottle: 400 ml, with silicone

Teslanol Drum Cleaner is very useful for the cleaning of drums made of rubber and silicone. Use it to remove old toner powder from your drum.
This solvent alloy cleans fast and gentle and is lightly moisturizing.
How to use Teslanol Drum Cleaner:
Spray the drum cleaner on your drum, let it affect to it and then wipe it off.

Teslanol Spray to clean toner cartridges

Content of the bottle: 400 ml

Does your print out look bad? In many cases small dirt inside the printer is responsible for that!  
Remove the dirt with the help of Teslanol spray and improve the quality of your printouts. Via high pressure you can blow out fine dust from parts of your printer that are difficult to access.
Please use the spray outdoors to avoid health risks.
When you are done removing the dirt with the Teslanol spray, please let it air out for a while to clear out the smell.

Teslanol Spray for Print Heads

Content of the bottle: 200 ml

Teslanol Spray for Print Heads is very useful for an efficient cleaning of polluted printer parts such as print heads, type wheels, chain printer, matrix printer.
Spray it on the polluted part and wipe it off again.

Brand compatibility: Universal
technology: Ink jet printer
Product type: Druckerreinigungskit, Druckkopfreiniger
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