Refillable Cartridges (Kit) T0631, T0634 (non-OEM) for Epson

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These refillable ink cartridges are no original products and they arenot produced by the printer... more
These refillable ink cartridges are no original products and they arenot produced by the printer manufacturer. These cartridges can replace Epson T0631, T0632, T0633, T0634 cartridges.

These refillable ink cartridges have twice the amount of OEM cartridges (12 ml) and each of them has an auto reset chip. For using this cartridges you have to replace all of the OEM cartridges from you printer.

When putting in the cartridges please note that the cartridge cap clicks into place on top of the refillable ink cartridges.

Reset your auto reset chip by shutting down the printer. After switching it on again the chip is reset.

Refill these cartridges in this way. Remove the see-through upper plug from the filler opening and fill it up with ink to the top edge. Reinsert the earlier removed plug and the colored plug which is important for ventilation. Than you just have to replace the cartridge in your printer. Switch off your printer. After swichting it on again you can start printing. The refillable ink cartridges are now reset.

Please put the refilled cartridges in your printer in this way:

It is important to insert the refillable ink cartridges from left to right. Start with yellow, then magenta, then cyan an at the end black. At an atypical arrangement you first have to insert the colored cartridges and at the end the black one.
Refill your refillable ink cartridges early enough to avoid damage by overheated print heads. It makes sense to refill all cartridges at the same occasion, because removing just one of the cartridges from your printer has the result that the filling level indication is now at maximum level. Not only for the refilled cartridge but for all of them which is not the right indication.

This product is not produced or recommended for usage in combination with your printers by the original manufacturer of the printers. All stated trademarks like HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother, Dell etc. are only listed for better product allocation and are property of their respective owners.

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