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Refillable cartridges T0870, T0879 (non-OEM) for Epson

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Open, refill, close, print - as often as you want. These refillable cartridges can hold almost... more
Open, refill, close, print - as often as you want.

These refillable cartridges can hold almost twice as much ink as the original (12ml) and are equipped with an auto reset chip. The entire set of cartridges has to be replaced.
Please make sure that the cartridge is securely locked in the printer when you insert it. The chip is reset automatically every time the cartridge is removed from the printer and the printer is switched off and on again. This allows you to continue printing after refilling.
These cartridges are refilled by means of the filler opening on top. Remove the transparent plug and fill the cartridge to the top edge. Then reinsert the plug. Before reinserting the cartridge in the printer, remove the coloured ventilation plug. The cartridges have to be reset before they start working. Insert the cartridges in your printer and switch it off. When you switch it back on, the cartridges are reset and you can continue printing.

Inserting refillable cartridges for Epson T0870, T0871, T0872, T0873, T0874, T0877, T0878, T0879 into your printer:

The cartridges have to be inserted from left to right.
Please check the filling level of the cartridges regularly in between printing. When the indicator only shows one bar, you only have approx. 15 pages left before the cartridge is empty and you have to refill ink. We recommend refilling the other cartridges at the same time, because when you remove one cartridge from the printer, refill it and reinsert it, the filling level of each cartridge is reset to "full".

This set is not an original product and was not produced by the printer manufacturer. The names of manufacturers and trademarks are indicated for identification purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.

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