OPC drum for Brother DR-3300

OPC drum for Brother DR-3300
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OPC means “Organic photo conductor”. The useful life of an OPC drum is two to three times that... more
OPC means “Organic photo conductor”.

The useful life of an OPC drum is two to three times that of a refilled toner cartridge, i.e. the drum does not have to be replaced with every refill of the cartridge.

You should replace the OPC drum when the quality of the print result deteriorates.
We recommend that professional refillers replace the OPC drum earlier than that in order to avoid complaints from your customers blaming the deteriorating print quality (due to the age of the OPC drum) on your refilling.

Operation of the OPC drum for Brother DR-3300:

During the printing process, the surface of the OPC drum is charged and discharged with an electronegative charge by a laser (laser printer), creating an invisible “image” on the OPC drum. The toner powder with an electropositive charge adheres to these charged areas and creates an inverted print image on the surface of the drum. As the drum rotates, this image is transferred onto the paper, and the toner powder is then fused with the paper and appears as a printed image.

The surface of the OPC drum is very sensitive. Therefore, we provide our OPC drum with special packaging and store them in complete darkness. Do not touch the surface of the drum during installation or expose it to light! With some skill, exchanging an OPC drum is relatively simple.

This OPC drum is not an original product and was not produced by the printer manufacturer. The names of manufacturers and trademarks are indicated for identification and compatibility purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.

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