OPC Drum for HP 4100

OPC Drum for HP 4100
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OPC drum means „Organic photo conductor“. It is also known as “laser drum” or “toner drum”. OPC... more
OPC drum means „Organic photo conductor“. It is also known as “laser drum” or “toner drum”.

OPC drums with a sevice time of two or three laser toner cartridges shall be changed if the print result falls off in quality.
To avoid customer complaints we would recommend to professional refillers to change the OPC drum early enough.

Operating mode:
The laser´s surface of an OPC drum gets oppositely charged during every print operation. That means the laser generates an invisible image on the surface of the drum.
Right there the toner powder adheres and is transferred onto the paper. With the next step the toner powder is fused superficially on the paper and is now fixed on it.

The surface of the OPC drum is very sensitive. Thus our OPC drums are packed securely and stored under absolute darkness. Please never touch the surface of the OPC drum and do not expose it to direct sunlight.

With some skill the exchange of the OPC drum is relatively easy.

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