Refillable cartridges for Epson 27 with auto reset chips and 4x of ink

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Simply clever! Open, refill, close, print - as often as you want. This refill kit for... more
Simply clever! Open, refill, close, print - as often as you want.

This refill kit for Epson 27 is available in:
Refillable cartridges with 4x 100 ml of premium ink for approx. 40 refills. You save the purchase price of 40 original cartridges.
Refillable cartridges with 4x 250 ml of premium ink for approx. 100 refills. You save the purchase price of 100 original cartridges.
Refillable cartridges with 4x 500 ml of premium ink for approx. 200 refills. You save the purchase price of 200 original cartridges.

Scope of delivery:
4 x refillable cartridges with auto reset chip (empty, without ink)
Octopus Fluids ink, black pigmented
Octopus Fluids ink, cyan pigmented
Octopus Fluids ink, magenta pigmented
Octopus Fluids ink, yellow pigmented
4x refill syringes with needles for proper refilling

The alternative kit of refillable cartridges replacing Epson 27 inkjets cartridges is suitable for the following printer models:
Epson Workforce WF-3600 Series, Workforce WF-3620 DWF, Workforce WF-3620 WF, Workforce WF-3640 Dtwf, Workforce WF-7110 DTW, Workforce WF-7600 Series, Workforce WF-7610 DWF, Workforce WF-7620 Dtwf
and more.

These refillable cartridges are equipped with an auto reset chip for multiple usage. Upon insertion, the refillable cartridge is automatically recognized as "FULL" by the printer. Cartridges recognized as "EMPTY" by the printer are automatically reset to "FULL" when the cartridge is removed from the printer and reinserted after at least ten seconds. This allows you to continue printing after refilling.

The entire set of cartridges has to be replaced. It is not possible to use individual refill cartridges combined with original cartridges of the Epson 27 series.

The easy way of refilling Epson 27 cartridges!

These cartridges are refilled by means of the filler opening on top. Remove the coloured plug and fill the cartridge. Then reinsert the plug and remove the transparent ventilation plug. This way, the ink can flow freely inside the cartridge. (Attention: The large black cartridge has two ventilation plugs that have to be removed).

Important note for the first use:
Before putting the cartridges into operation for the first time, please insert the empty cartridges into your printer.
The printer will recognize the cartridges as new full cartridges. Now the cartridges can be removed, filled with ink, placed back into the printer and can be used as intended.
In some exceptional cases the printer will refuse the cartridges due to the a newer firmware version.
Unfilled cartridges can be returned for refund.

This product is not an original product and was not produced by the printer manufacturer. The names of manufacturers and trademarks are indicated for identification and compatibility purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.
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Fill In Druckerpatronen für Epson 27 mit Auto-Reset-Chips (kein OEM) Refillable ink cartridges for Epson 27 inkjet cartridges (non OEM)
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Question from Herr Keil

"Hallo, Ich beabsichtige einen Epson WorkForce WF-7720DTWF zu kaufen, ich nehme an das diese 27er Patronen auch für das neuere Modell was hier noch nicht mitgelistet ist geeignet sind? MfG A.Keil"

Answer from the shopowner

"Guten Tag, wenn Sie in den Reiter 'Kompatibilität' wechseln wird Ihnen Ihr Modell mit angezeigt. Die Patronen sind für diesen Drucker geeignet. Ihr Octopus Team"


Question from Herr Marks

"Leider wurde einmalig, bei der ersten Installation des Druckers (vor ca. 2 Jahren), die Firmware aktualisiert. Ab welcher Firmware-Version des Druckers Epson WF-7720 DTWF funktionieren ihre "Fill-in-Patronen" mit Auto-Reset-Chip? Ich hatte vor längere Zeit bereits das Nachfüllset bei Ihnen bestellt, zu diesem Zeitpunkt wurden die Patronen nicht erkannt."

Answer from the shopowner

"Guten Tag, leider können wir Ihnen nicht sagen, mit welcher Firmware genau die Patronen erkannt werden. Wenn Sie bereits ein Set hatten welches nicht erkannt wurde, befürchten wir, dass auch ein neues Set nicht erkannt wird. Ihr Octopus Team"

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