Print Head Cleaner set for Canon Pixma, Nozzle Cleaner with extension hoses

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Content: 100 Milliliter

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  • T00300-TAV3S0
Octopus Fluids® Nozzle Cleaner for Print Heads This "Octopus Fluids" nozzle cleaner has... more

Octopus Fluids® Nozzle Cleaner for Print Heads

This "Octopus Fluids" nozzle cleaner has been developed and produced in our in-house laboratory for thorough cleaning of InkJet print heads.
Contaminated and dry print heads can easily be cleaned with this special nozzle cleaner, print head cleaner, saving you the trouble of buying a new cartridge in most cases.
The composition of nozzle cleaner is similar to that of ink. The cleaning effect is achieved by means of certain chemical additives. Furthermore, it is colourless.

Simply clean your Canon Pixma print head without the need to dismantle the print head. Remove the cartridges of the cartridge slot and remove the sealing ring of each cartridge from the print head. Simply connect the extension hose to the 60 ml syringe and fill it with 20 - 30 ml of the cleaning liquid. Connect the other end of the hose with the ink intake slot on the printhead. With light pressure the nozzle cleaner can be pushed into the print head to remove residual ink with up and downward movement of the syringe plunger. The cleaner must not be removed manually after the application. Simply place the cartridges back in place and print a few pages to remove the remaining printhead cleaner from the print system.

Sets content:
  • Nozzle cleaner, print head cleaner 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml oder 1000 ml
  • Luerlock syringe with 60 ml volume
  • Flexible tube for the big cartridge slot (PGI.580, PGI-571, PGI-551, PGI-525, PGI-520, PGI-5)
  • Flexible tube for the smal cartridge slots (CLI-581, CLI-571, CLI-551, CLI-526, CLI-521, CLI-42 und CLI-8)

Has no effect on damaged printheads

The Octopus Fluids Nozzle cleaner for Canon print heads is not an original products and was  not produced by the printer manufacturer.
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Customer evaluation for "Print Head Cleaner set for Canon Pixma, Nozzle Cleaner with extension hoses"
3 Dec 2019

Print Head Cleaner set for Canon Pixma, Nozzle Cleaner with extension hoses

The added manual is helpful and the product conform and easy to use !
Canon Pixma MG 7550 (Head print could be pulled out for an easy use with the kit)

24 Dec 2018

A good kit

A good set of equipment, it did the job.

24 Dec 2018

Proper tools. Can be used as good as described in youtube! Thanks! :)

Must have if you using not original cartridges.

16 Dec 2018

Worked perfectly!

Easy to use. It unblocked a blocked nozzle with no problem and I was overjoyed to be able to use my 13 year-old printer again instead of having to buy a new one, as I had feared. Now going to try it on a friend's printer with similar problems. Thank you!

9 Dec 2018

10 out of 10

Worked perfectly! Easy instructions and everything needed included in the box.

4 Oct 2018

Good product. Quick delivery.

The cost of shipment is too high. You should use ordinary European post for small packages.

6 Sep 2018

I love Octopus

They are trust worthy.

10 Jul 2018

Excellent. Worked brilliantly. Found the plastic needle cover was useful for opening up the tube, making pushing it onto inkpads much easier.

30 Apr 2018

It works

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13.99€ *
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100 ml

Question from Anonymous

"Problem des Durchlaufens der Tinten in den Schläuchen Ich habe einen Drucker von der Marke Canon Pixma 3500. Die Tinten sind nicht voll und in den Schläuchen laufen die Tinten nicht durch. Der Drucker ist ungefähr 1 Jahr alt. Die Tinten sind nicht aufgebracht und auch nicht nachgefüllt. Vielen Dank."

Answer from the shopowner

"Möglicherweise sind die Düsen des Druckkopfes verstopft. Es empfiehlt sich dann eine Druckkopfreinigung über die Einstellungen im PC (verbraucht viel Tinte) oder mit diesem Düsenreiniger."

100 ml

Question from Herr Wegmann

"gibt es dieses Reinigungsset auch für einen HP Officejekt Pro 8600, bzw. wie groß sind die Innendurchmesser der Schläuche von den Canon Prixma Düsenreinigungsschläuchen, eventuell passen diese ja auch auf den HP. Vielen Dank für ihre Antwort, es grüßt Sie Wegmann"

Answer from the shopowner

"Guten Tag, Grundsätzlich ist die Reinigungsflüssigkeit für alle Drucker gleich, sie funktioniert daher auch für HP Geräte. Jedoch können wir zu HP Druckern keinerlei Anleitung oder Empfehlung zur Reinigung angeben, da wir damit schlichtweg keine Erfahrung haben. Wir können nicht sagen, ob die Schläuche unserer Sets passen und wie das Tintenflusssystem im Allgemeinen in HP Druckern funktioniert. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Ihr Octopus Team. "

100 ml

Question from LESLIE


Answer from the shopowner

"Hello and thank you for your message. The fluid is compatible with your printer. It might be possible that the hoses do not fit to your printhead. In this case you would need to drip the fluid on the printhead. Your Octopus Team"

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